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Using the ancient Jerusalem tomb of King Herod’s family, Steven sheds light on the rolling stone of Yeshua’s tomb.

Video Transcription

Shalom. I’m standing right now at the entrance to Herod’s family tomb. Now, where this is in Jerusalem is directly across from David’s Tower, from the original palace of King Herod. Now I say this is King Herod’s family tomb because Herod of course was buried on the Herodium in Bethlehem. This big giant mountain, this incredible monument, but someone from his family was buried in this particular tomb. Now this, like the tomb of our Lord, Jesus, is an empty tomb, but unlike our Lord Jesus, His tomb was empty because He rose again. In this instance, the Herod’s family tomb is completely empty because grave robbers took everything out of here long, long ago. And so we surmise that either Herod’s father, Antipater, or perhaps one of his wives was buried here in this prime location, directly across the Hinnom Valley, from his palace, across from modern day David’s Tower.

If you were to come with me to Jerusalem, you would be able to access this together with me right behind the King David hotel in this beautiful park. But the only thing that I want to point out, not just because of history or Herod’s family tomb how interesting is that it gives us insight into the kind of stone, the rolling stone that we would see at Jesus’ tomb. They make a big deal in the gospel about the tomb being sealed with a rolling stone. As you can see here would be the entrance and that is the original rolling stone and it’s massive. That’s the top of it of course. It’s buried under rubble right here and it’s blocked up but it extends all the way, far, far down from it…it’s probably about this round. If I were to try to hug it, if I were a rolling stone hugger, and that’s not a Mick Jagger joke or anything, then I would be stretching my arms out to their full. That’s a massively heavy stone. Inside the tomb, there’s again, just some empty rooms, but here it is, right here in Jerusalem. You never know behind what corner or around which end of what park you’re going to see something that’s extraordinarily important. Even something that extends all the way back to before the time of the gospels, before the time of the New Testament, 1st century B.C.

Well I can show you so much more from B.C., A.D., gospels, Hebrew scripture, book of Acts but only if you join me on my next tour. So won’t you make plans right now? I’ve made plans for you. I’ve got room for you to my left, to my right, I have room for you. There’s room for a group shot here. Where are you? Next time we’ll be together. We’ll say next year in Jerusalem. God bless you and I look forward to seeing you on Sojourner Ministries’ next tour to the Holy Land. Allow me to show you my Jerusalem through Messianic Jewish eyes.



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