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Exploring the Jewish Heart of Christianity

The Jewish heart of Christianity is our Messiah, Jesus, and is best explored through
understanding the original Jewish context and perspective of the Scriptures.

Steven Charles Ger

The founder and director is a fourth generation Jewish believer who was uniquely educated in both church and synagogue.

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Christ in the Passover 2020 Broadcast

Celebrate the ancient tradition of Passover as did Jesus the Messiah, our true Passover Lamb, and experience its prophetic significance.

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Essential Messianic resources to learn about the Jewish context of the Bible and see Jesus through Jewish eyes.

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Video Library

Explore the Jewish Heart of Christianity as Steven comments on Jewish Festivals, Israel, the Bible, and messianic prophesy.

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Audio Library

Listen to Steven as he teaches on the Messiah, Jewish Festivals, Israel, the Bible, messianic prophesy, and his latest sermon series.

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Stand with us in Exploring the Jewish Heart of Christianity. Your strategic partnership and support strengthens our outreach to Jews and Gentiles.

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Sojourner Ministries has been joined by representatives who share Steven’s vision of Exploring the Jewish Heart of Christianity.

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Beth Sar Shalom

A congregation of Jews and Gentiles who are discovering the Jewish context of the Bible and worshipping the Jewish Messiah.

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Hilda Koser

Check back soon and often, you won't want to miss the fascinating story of Hilda Koser and how her journery influenced Steven

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Jew's Views

Steven Ger is the Jew and these are his views. A lively and engaging potpourri of social commentary, articles, linked postings and unvarnished opinion.

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Jewish Film Series

Join us for our quarterly Jewish Cultural Film Series in January, 2020!


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How to Know God

Whether you’re Jewish or Gentle, come investigate whether God can be known and personally experienced and if Jesus (Yeshua) is really the prophesied Messiah.

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