Statement of Faith

The Bible

We believe in the divine inspiration and inerrancy of the original manuscripts of the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament) and the New Covenant (the New Testament) and their complete authority for faith and practice.


We believe there is one God, eternally existing as a complex unity of three distinct Persons: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each equal in divine nature and attributes.

The Messiah

We believe that Jesus is the Lord’s Messiah for Jews and Gentiles alike. He was born of a virgin, lived in perfect compliance to the Torah, died on a cross, was buried and was resurrected on the third day, in fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures. As Son of Man and Son of God He has both a fully human and fully divine nature. He initially appeared as the suffering servant but is imminently returning for His people as the victorious King of Kings.


We believe that eternal salvation is the gracious gift of God to men and is received only through faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah as the definitive atonement for sinners.

The Church

We believe that the Church consists of all Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus the Messiah, exists for the purpose of equipping its members for service and to serve as a worldwide witness of the Lord’s Messiah, and is divinely empowered by the Holy Spirit to accomplish these directives.


We believe that the Jewish people, by means of God’s covenant with Abraham, are, now and forever, God’s People. We affirm that the Jewish people have a divine right to their promised land, Israel, that they cannot receive eternal salvation apart from faith in Jesus as their Messiah, and that once they trust in Jesus they become the "remnant of Israel," retaining identity within the Chosen People while also representing the Jewish "branch" of the Church.


Christ in the Passover Seder 2020

Event Date: 11 April 2020

Celebrate the ancient tradition of Passover as did Jesus the Messiah, our true Passover Lamb, at His Last Supper. Meet new friends, laugh and encourage one another as we enjoy our banquet feast together and partake of the unleavened brea...

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