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When Steven Ger was born, his great aunt Hilda whispered in his ear, "You are God's child. He has special plans for you." Hilda Koser had been in the ministry all of her life, and it was only natural that she would want Steven to follow in her footsteps. What is unusual is that she was Jewish, and so is Steven.

Steven's aunt, Hilda Koser, was the director of the Coney Island branch of the American Board of Missions to the Jews (now Chosen People Ministries) for some 40 years. She began her ministry by teaching woodworking to neighborhood Jewish children. Craft time led to story time -- Bible stories. When the children's Orthodox Jewish parents came to condemn her, Steven's aunt used their own Hebrew Scriptures to lead them to their Messiah!

Aunt Hilda is now with her Lord, yet she lived long enough to see her desire for Steven come true. As a child, he committed his life to Christ, becoming a fourth-generation Jewish believer. He answered the call to ministry, graduating in 1994 from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Steven Ger's passion for sharing the Messiah with Jew and Gentile alike has only grown with the years. He reports, "I guess you could say this passion is a tradition in my family! God allowed Aunt Hilda to see that His work would carry on into the next century through Sojourner Ministries."

Sojourner Ministries is committed to exploring the Jewish heart of Christianity with both Jew and Gentile. The Jewish heart of our faith is Jesus! People want to see their Messiah more clearly -- through Hebrew eyes. God is moving to create voracious hunger for our Jewish roots!

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