Fall Feasts Fast Approaching

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Date: September

What is the Christian significance of Israel's Fall Feast Days? How Did Jesus fulfill the Feast of Trumpets? What does Yom Kippur show about the Messiah's life and ministry? What does Sukkot tell us about the relationship between the Messiah and His people?

Answers await!

  • Rosh Hashanah Service: September 11
  • Yom Kippur Service: September 18
  • Sukkot Service: September 25

Beth Sar Shalom
2435 E Hebron Pkwy
Carrollton, TX 75010


Christ in the Passover Seder 2020

Event Date: 11 April 2020

Celebrate the ancient tradition of Passover as did Jesus the Messiah, our true Passover Lamb, at His Last Supper. Meet new friends, laugh and encourage one another as we enjoy our banquet feast together and partake of the unleavened brea...

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