As you continue the journey to Exploring the Jewish Heart of Christianity, you may find additional insight in these resources:

How to Know God

Knowing God is experiential. Like anything in life worth pursuing, a life in God can be very rewarding. Similar to Shavuot, which reminds us that God is relational and personal. Just as all our senses react when we bite into a delicious cheesecake, knowing God can have a similar sense of peace, comfort, and joy.

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Answering Rabbis' Objections to Jesus

In a series of short videos, One for Israel exposes Judaism's biggest secret - the Messiah! Jewish objections to Jesus are answered. Curious yet?

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I Met Messiah

Absolutely riveting video testimonies of Jewish professionals who met their Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). Many of these testimonies have gone viral and not to be missed! So start clicking, already.

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Messiah Comes

12 Jewish believers (including Sojourner Ministries' own Steven Ger) tackle 22 messianic prophecies from the Hebrew Scriptures, one prophecy for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Each page is styled as a page of Talmud, the Jewish oral law. Steven's contributions are on Jer. 23:5, "Righteous Branch", and Micah 4:2, "His Law Will Go Forth," at the far left of the page's messianic prophecy carousel.

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2023 Israel Tour Information

Event Date: 27 May 2023

If you've never been to the Holy Land, it is the experience of a lifetime you won't want to miss. Make plans to join Steven Ger as he hosts tours to Israel in 2023. Be sure to check back often as we will post the most recent information here. NOTE...

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