Acts: Witnesses to the World Book

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As you dip your toe into the first few pages of the narrative, you just may see your reflection. Perhaps a spark of recognition will be ignited by the hesitant first steps of a fisherman who, at long last, emerges as a "fisher of men." Or perhaps by the strong, athletic stride of legs, useless for forty years, now miraculously healed. Could it be that you relate to the paralyzing chill of being called on to defend your faith before those who despise you? Maybe you recognize the initial flood of disbelief as God answers a prayer that you considered the utmost of long shots?

In a series of vignettes, or "postcards," some historical, some biographical, still others theological, Acts reveals the successes and defeats, the conquests and tragedies of the original band of Jesus' followers. In Acts we are able to share in the joy, the loss, the rejection, the confident assurance, the jealousy, the setbacks, the frustration, the passionate debate and the ultimate triumph of these pioneers of the Jesus movement. These are ordinary people who, through the power and enabling of the Holy Spirit, accomplish extraordinary things in the name of their Messiah. Steven Ger's commentary will encourage you to be a witness for Christ, like these first-century believers who boldly "turned the world upside-down" (17:6).