Series: Acts - Part 13

Steven discusses the trial of Peter and John before the Sanhedrin for healing a lame man. Five thousand Jewish men had come to faith because of this miracle and Peter's message, and the Jewish leadership did not like this. When asked in whose name they had healed, Peter said Yeshua. However, the Sanhedrin could not accept that the power of Yeshua could do this since Yeshua had no rabbinical training and commanded Peter and John to stop preaching about Yeshua. How did Peter and John respond?



Christ in the Passover Seder 2020

Event Date: 11 April 2020

Celebrate the ancient tradition of Passover as did Jesus the Messiah, our true Passover Lamb, at His Last Supper. Meet new friends, laugh and encourage one another as we enjoy our banquet feast together and partake of the unleavened brea...

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