Series: Acts - Part 17

The Apostles were obedient to human authority until it conflicted with God's authority. Peter took the opportunity of being brought before the Sanhedrin the make a case for Yeshua. After Peter had spoken, Rabbi Gamaliel told the Sanhedrin not to worry about the followers of Yeshua since most Messianic movements were short-lived. The Sanhedrin flogged the Apostles then let them go. Flogging was a horrible, potentially fatal punishment, but the Apostles rejoiced that God had considered them worthy to suffer because of Yeshua. Yeshua had promised them suffering of this kind. Is it any different for Yeshua's followers today?



Christ in the Passover Seder 2020

Event Date: 11 April 2020

Celebrate the ancient tradition of Passover as did Jesus the Messiah, our true Passover Lamb, at His Last Supper. Meet new friends, laugh and encourage one another as we enjoy our banquet feast together and partake of the unleavened brea...

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