Series: Acts - Part 20

Steven's argument that Israel's identity predated the Temple and the Tabernacle and that Israel's leaders had historically repeatedly failed to recognize the redeemers God sent to them ended with Steven accusing the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin, Steven said, were guilty of the betrayal and murder of God's ultimate Redeemer, Yeshua. Those listening to Steven became an angry mob; they took Steven out and stoned him under the eyes of Saul of Tarsus. This marked the beginning of a great persecution and spreading of the Church with Saul at the forefront.



Christ in the Passover Seder 2020

Event Date: 11 April 2020

Celebrate the ancient tradition of Passover as did Jesus the Messiah, our true Passover Lamb, at His Last Supper. Meet new friends, laugh and encourage one another as we enjoy our banquet feast together and partake of the unleavened brea...

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