Speaking Guidelines: John Kanter

Speaking Guidelines

In order to sufficiently cover my travel expenses (gas, lodging, meals); and to effectively generate the revenue required for the continuance of my ministry, I offer my services in conjunction with the following guidelines:

  • Depending on the distance required to reach and return home from my destination the amount of my honorarium is negotiable. For a local meeting within a 75 mile radius of the DFW Metroplex, I normally receive a minimum honorarium amount of $200.00 to $250.00. For a speaking engagement requiring a longer travel distance, an honorarium within a range of $300.00 to $450.00 is generally acceptable.
  • In addition to receiving an honorarium, I also require Sojourner Ministries response cards and envelopes to be distributed in order to facilitate a free-will offering to be collected at some point during the worship service.
  • I require the host church to provide a display table in order to make Sojourner Ministry resources available for purchase.

Speaking Guidelines

The following are guidelines for churches and groups interested in having a Sojourner Ministries presentation:

A comprehensive list of presentations and seminars John provides:

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Helpful guidelines for
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Please let us know if you
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