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Many Christians thirst for knowledge of our faith's Jewish roots.

They are hungry for answers that can revitalize faith and transform lives. Their questions range from how the Jewish culture and traditions of Jesus' day give deeper insight into His teachings to why the ancient Jewish holy days are relevant to Christian believers. And whether current events in the Middle East are evolving as foretold by ancient Hebrew prophecies.

The answers to these questions are crucial to an accurate appreciation of our heritage and destiny. You may have a question of your own concerning the Jewish heart of Christianity.

As a fourth-generation Jewish Christian, I address these issues with informed answers. And as a Jewish believer, trained in both church and synagogue, with a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, I am well equipped to carry on a family tradition of reaching both Jew and Gentile for Messiah.

The Word says that believers need knowledge fused with zeal, and I can assure you that I have both!

I would be honored to share that informed passion with your congregation. We yearn to see our Messiah more clearly - the Jewish Heart of Christianity is Jesus! May I suggest that we explore the rich details of Jesus' Last Supper through a unique and inspiring Christ in the Passover presentation? Among other compelling choices are the Christ in the Feasts of Israel presentations, which highlight Jesus' messianic fulfillment of other major Hebrew holy days.

Please let me know how I may serve your congregation in exploring the Jewish Heart of Christianity. Call 972-226-7654 or contact us here.

The answer to your questions will excite you! Let me show you Jesus - through Hebrew eyes.

In the hope of Messiah,

Steven Charles Ger

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