Speaking Guidelines: Steven Ger

Travel Expenses

Please reimburse travel expenses via a separate check. The current fluctuations in fuel prices necessitate being quite specific in this area. Steven arranges his own air travel and will submit a receipt. If traveling by auto, we ask that Steven's mileage be reimbursed at the rate of $.60 per mile or the equivalent of a roundtrip airline ticket from DFW to the destination.

Please make all checks payable to Sojourner Ministries.

Ministry Resources

Please set up an eight-foot table (or the equivalent) for the display of Sojourner Ministries' resource materials and have a volunteer ready to unload, unpack and assist Steven with sales.


Our popular presentations are available for sale on CD. However, copyright guidelines allow one audio recording for archival purposes only, which can only be copied and distributed to those individuals who could not participate due to church duties (nursery, etc.).

Speaking Guidelines

The following are guidelines for churches and groups interested in having a Sojourner Ministries presentation:

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A comprehensive list of presentations and seminars Steven provides:

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Helpful guidelines for
having Steven speak:

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Information regarding Steven's honorarium:

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Passover Seder
Preparation Guide:

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Endorsements from some of Steven's Peers:

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Please let us know if you
have any questions about
Steven speaking at your
church or group.


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